Helpful Tips

1. How to place order Online?

We have a very user friendly website. You can place the order online by following the below simple steps:

  1. Add products to your cart, personalise it with contents & logo and after personalising it you can add it to your cart. For your convenience, we have also given the option where you only have to add the contents and we will share the artwork with you post receiving the order.
  2. Check your order in the shopping cart. Once you are sure that everything is correct then proceed to Check out.
  3. You can make payment via different modes – Net banking / Debit Card / Credit Card / Wallet, etc. and your order will be placed.


2. How to place order, if not on the website?

For your convenience, we do take the order over the email as well. You can write us an email at with the details of the product that you wish to order along with the quantity and sizes.

Our customer agents will respond back within 24 Hrs and will explain you the process.


3. How to calculate and visualise the size of the product?

The dimension of the products is clearly stated on the website in the product detailed page and the product listing page too.

Most of the sizes are given in inches. The calculations are given below, so that you can visualise it as per your convenience.

Symbols & Calculation:

Inch = “

Feet = ‘

1 inch = 2.5 cm

1 Feet = 12 inches or 30 cm

15 cm = 6 inches = 0.5 feet = 1 Small Scale

30 cm = 12 inches = 1 foot = 1 Large Scale


4. How the printing will take place on the products?

Different products have different printing process. Even on one particular product, there can be different ways of printing. The details are given in the printing method page. Please check out to clear all the methods and applicable charges for the same.

We offer free printing on the standard printing methods only.